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Global Macro Opportunities For Alternatives

Bilge Yilmaz, Wharton Private Equity Professor and Professor of Finance, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

  • What are the macro trends that will affect opportunities in alternatives?


The Institutional Investor Perspective

Jason Phillips, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Karl Schade, CEO and Managing Director, The Presidio Group

Nicole Belytschko, Managing Director and Director of Private Equity, C.M. Capital Advisors

Darsh Singh, Portfolio Manager, Satori Capital

  • How are the views of institutional investors changing in regards to alternative investments?
  • How are family offices changing their allotments to alternatives?
  • How are their views of fund of funds changing?
  • How do they select advisers and managers for their portfolios?
  • What are some of the best practices for structuring a family office?
  • Why are some investing directly and hiring teams?


Alternatives Case Study for Pension Funds, Endowments, and Family Offices

Heather L. Loomis, Managing Director, Fixed Income, JP Morgan

Deep dive into constructing a portfolio combining fixed income and alternatives.

  • What questions should pension funds, endowments, or family offices ask when constructing a portfolio?
  • What expectations should they have about fixed income in this market?
  • How should they integrate alternative investments seeking absolute returns uncorrelated to other asset classes to achieve diversification?


Private Equity Case Study

Jonathan Coslet W'87, Senior Partner and CIO, TPG Capital

Deep dive into a TPG private equity transaction.

  • What was the original thesis?
  • Was their anything unique about the upside vs downside equation?
  • What changes were made?
  • How is the thesis proving out so far?
  • What do you think the end result will be?


Private Equity and What's Around The Corner

Jonathan Coslet W'87, Senior Partner and CIO, TPG Capital

Dipanjan (DJ) Deb, Founding Partner and CEO, Francisco Partners

Jim Momtazee, Head of the Health Care industry team, KKR

Jef Rogers, Partner/Principal, EY Private Equity Value Creation

  • Where are we in the cycle?
  • What’s around the corner?
  • How will private equity firms need to adapt?
  • Ingredients for an outstanding PE team


Opportunities in Hedge Funds

Edward Schulte, Tax Partner, KPMG

Nadine Terman, CEO and Founder, Solstein Capital

Alex Gleser W'00, Portfolio Manager, TPG Public Equity Partners

  • How will the great hedge funds of the future be structured?
  • How are activist investors different from other hedge funds?
  • What are the challenges managing a fund that shorts stocks?
  • What effect can we expect from PE firms converging with hedge funds?


Next Generation of Venture Capital

Jim Atwell, Managing National Partner, Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry practice, Deloitte & Touche 

Dan Rosen W'99, Partner, Commerce Ventures

Richard Grant WG'08, Founder & Managing Director, Touchdown Ventures

Janie Yu, Vice President, Fung Capital USA

  • How will the shift in the LP landscape affect venture capital firms?
  • What changes can we expect in corporate venture capital?
  • How should venture firms adjust to the expanding role of angel investors and crowdsourcing? 
  • What are LPs looking for in venture capital firms?
  • What team structures work best and in what situations?