The Capital Summit launches with The Leaders Dinner, taking place the week of the summit bringing together the speakers, key sponsors, and often a surprise guest.  The goal of this exclusive dinner is to facilitate thought leadership and build transformative relationships by engaging in a loosely structured dialogue that capitalizes on the wealth of knowledge and experience of industry leaders. Speakers, Key Sponsors, and Organizers are cordially invited as guests to participate is this private "Leaders Dinner" held the evening prior to the Summit. The Leaders Dinner is 50% social and 50% thought leadership following in the tradition of a Jeffersonian Dinner.

What is a Jeffersonian Dinner?  A man of many talents and with a deep curiosity of the world around him, President Thomas Jefferson was to known to invite thought leaders and influencers of his time from a range of backgrounds and fields– whether it be the arts, sciences, current affairs, philosophy or literature — to share in conversation and debate on a particular topic. By engaging in a "single conversation" at the dinner table, with only one person speaking at a time, Jefferson and his guests were able to unlock the power of their collective wisdom.

The purpose was simple: to inspire and engage one another through meaningful dialogue around a particular topic. Each table discusses a different topic.

  • Prior To The Dinner: Each guest receives a brief description of the Jeffersonian Dinner, 
  • During the wine reception and appetizers:  Guests socialize, eat, drink, and enjoy each others company in an unstructured manner.
  • During the Entrees:  Once entrees are served the dinner host will invite all tables to launch the Jeffersonian Dinner discussion.
    • 1) Ice Breaker:  Table Captains start by asking each person to take 1 minute to introduce themselves and answer the following question “What book have you read or documentary have you seen that you would recommend and why?”
    • 2) Thoughtful Questions: Once each of the guests have answered the ice breaker question, the Table Captain will then pose opening questions and facilitate a lively discussion that engages all the guests for approximately  60 minutes. 
  • During Dessert: At the conclusion of the hour long discussion, each Table Captain will be asked to speak to the room as a whole and summarize the Leadership Insights that were discussed at their table.

Two hundred years later, Jefferson’s tradition continues to connect small groups of people in a more authentic way. Through these intimate dinners, the Capital Summit cultivates a sense of community and mutual learning that resonates with the current generation of leaders. Join us and see what happens when you gather a group of passionate experts at the table and share something meaningful together.

The Leaders Dinner is designed and produced by Summit Pioneer.



The Leaders Dinner